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Top Tips to Better Prioritize Your Time

Looking to boost your time management and prioritize your most important tasks? Below are five ways you can better prioritize your time to improve your overall productivity

Tell your colleagues or loved ones. If you’re trying to get more done in the day, be sure to clue your family or colleagues in so they know not to interrupt during key work hours.

Time-block. By blocking specific hours of the day for items on your to-do list, you can better prioritize your long list of items. Just make sure to leave an adequate, realistic amount of time for each to avoid setting yourself up to fail.

Do the difficult things first. If there’s one item on your list you really loathe, tackle it first to get it out of the way and avoid any procrastination temptation.

Schedule easier items for your slump time. If you know you struggle with productivity the hour after lunch or before you head home for the day, schedule easier items then, or tasks you look forward to.

Silence distractions. Have an hour slated to slay that difficult task? Set yourself up for success by minimizing distractions. Put your phone on silent. Close down your email. Put a note on your office door.

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