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Team Game Plan: Relentless Focus on Listings

Implement this Team Game Plan focused on generating listings to not only grow your team with immediate results, but also build huge momentum, positioning you for your best year ever with increased, predictable income.

These strategies will help you lead and drive your sales team to focus on the most important side of our business: the listing. We know so many amazing things happen when you have the listing: 3-5 potential sales, more potential buyer and listing leads, name recognition from advertising, marketshare…the list goes on and on. This game plan will accelerate your team members’ pipelines of leads, ensuring they have full prospecting lists of new potential buyers and listings to convert into clients, sales and income.

A relentless focus on generating listings ensures you have more signs in yards, more active listings on your website and opportunities from each listing. Follow these proven game plan strategies to keep your team members actively and relentlessly focused on obtaining new listings each week:

Play 1: Have monthly and weekly listing goals for each agent and your team. Post these numbers—everyone needs to know them and be obsessed (literally) with both theirs and the team’s. Every day, report to the team how many new listings have been secured. This creates an energy, a commitment and accountability. Each team member should have individual goals for the week and month. Use online groups to share successes and wins, as well as post them in your office. Most agents are out of the office, so having an online format is most effective. A Facebook group, Slack, your CRM dashboards…they all work. Communication of the goals and the results on a scoreboard are key to this. Knowing your numbers sets the tone for the team. You know the team’s goals, and each team member knows their personal listing goal for the week and month.

Play 2: What is tracked and measured and reported to another human being exponentially improves and increases. By using a scoreboard or tracking system to share the overall team’s and individuals’ results everyone feeds off the energy of the team. Tracking and measuring how many calls, appointments, contracts negotiated, sales closed and listings taken each week will not only increase their activities, but also, they will all share in the energy of teamwork and contagious success. When actually reported, not only do sales activities increase, but also conversions and closings. Reporting creates a sense of teamwork and builds confidence in others that they can achieve their goals, too!

Play 3: Don’t wait for a new listing; go out and find it. Too often, agents are “waiting” for a new listing to show up in the MLS, or for another agent to announce a new listing for their buyers. When inventory is tight, agents with buyers should go find listings. Be tenacious and resourceful. Send out an email or letter to your database.  Make phone calls to find the perfect house yourself. Mail a neighborhood a postcard or letter letting them know you have a pre-approved buyer for their home. The great thing with this play is that you usually end up with 3-4 additional potential listing appointments and opportunities.

Also, be proactive and search expireds from the last year that may match your buyer’s needs. Not only will you generate a listing, but also, these are proven ways to literally find the house for your buyer clients 

Play 4: Micro-farm a neighborhood for future listings. Where there is one for-sale sign, 2-3 more signs will appear within the next 6-12 months. If you effectively market a neighborhood with an on-purpose plan, you will be the agent they use when they are ready to sell their home. Send out five action-driven postcards:

  1. Just Listed
  2. Open House Invite (Invite neighbors to see the house for a private tour one hour before public open house hours.)
  3. New Price Announcement
  4. Under-Contract/Sold
  5. Meet Your New Neighbor Cards

Making phone calls to the neighbors will exponentially increase conversion because you make personal connections with them by introducing yourself and your world-class services. You can ask them if they have a friend, co-worker or family member that you can show your new listing. You can also ask them to join your mailing list for the latest home-value information. All of these activities lead to more exposure for you in your micro-farm (more below), which, if worked effectively, will create more listings for you.

Play 5: Go after FSBO and expired listings by adding value, and get hired. FSBO and expired listing leads are truly the easiest offline leads you should be maximizing. If you create value and help them achieve their goals, you can get an appointment and get the listing. Make sure to offer your proven and creative marketing strategy that will find the buyer for their home. Include your social media and video marketing that will help differentiate your and your team’s services. Both of these listing leads are free and available to you. Stop by their home and introduce yourself and ask really good questions. You will be adding value and helping both of these seller leads achieve their real estate objectives and increase your listing inventory.

Play 6: Hold more open houses as a listing lead generator. Where else can you meet new seller leads but your open houses? When converted properly, you will generate listing appointments right at the open house. Have a strategy—plan to hold the right house (right price point) and intentionally hold a move-up buyer house so that the buyers that show up have a house for you to list, too. You can follow my exclusive “Make $50K at Your Next Open House” system (below) to make your next open house the most productive and profitable 2-3 hours of your week! Adding value to open house attendees will give you a competitive advantage and create a relationship based on trust and confidence, with the intent on working at their pace and their speed. You can create a huge pipeline of future business and generate immediate listing appointments from the most original lead generator: the Sunday open house.

Utilizing all or even just some of these strategies will create a relentless focus for your team and your agents to prospect new listings for themselves every day. Set team and individual goals and track and report on actual calls, marketing (listing) appointments and new listing contracts generated daily and weekly. Use a visible and mobile method to communicate and reward everyone’s hard work and successes. Implement these six strategies to get your team generating more listing leads, appointments and actual listings.

For a free copy of my exclusive webinar, “Make $50K at Your Next Open House,” and my “Micro-Farm Strategy to Generate Listings,” click here.

Sherri Johnson is CEO and founder of Sherri Johnson Coaching & Consulting. With 20 years of experience in real estate, Johnson offers coaching, consulting and keynotes, and is a national speaker for the Secrets of Top Selling Agents tour. For more information, please contact or 844-989-2600 (toll-free) or visit

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