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Jump-Start Your Year With Increased Lead Conversion

Train the agents on your team to qualify and close more leads into listings and sales.

Most real estate agents lack an effective strategy to qualify new leads quickly, and most lack the ability to communicate their value, which helps convert the lead into a new client and, ultimately, a listing and sale.

Follow these four proven methods to jump-start your year and build your pipeline. If you implement these strategies now, you will immediately build a bigger pipeline of leads for the year. The momentum will grow each month, and you will have wildly successful results!

  1. The 10-Minute Business Plan
    Have a weekly conversation and check in with each of your agents to find out what they are working on. Who is in their pipeline? How many buyer and listing leads do they have, and what’s their forecast for the week and month for new listings and sales? You don’t have to over analyze it—it’s “go time” now. They need to execute. A good friend of mine always says “getting ready to get ready,” and unfortunately, many agents are stuck in this mode. It is your job as the team leader to drive the listings and sales efforts of your sales agents every day and every week. Do this by being the driver and the leader. Let’s go.
  1. Early Bird Gets the Worm
    My mother always told me, “Sherri, the early bird gets the worm. Get out in front of everyone else.” Everyone on your team needs to jump-start their year by getting in front of everyone they know now before the spring market. Get your team in front of these people now. Create your pipeline by being the first one out in front to start the selling season. Host a call event in your office and get your team in to make calls. Remember even if they don’t want to do something right now, they should be put in the pipeline and stayed in close contact with. When they are ready, your agent will be one that maximizes that opportunity.
  1. Qualify with leading questions and lead the process while working at their pace and speed.
    It’s a very effective way to build trust and confidence with a potential client. Ask them better questions so you know exactly what they want to do and what their timeline is. For example, you can say “Where you do want to live and when do you want to be there?” and “I work at your pace and your speed. If your needs are immediate or you are just starting out in the process, I am here to help.”

Offer exclusive, value-driven services that radically set you apart from your competitors. Offer a Homebuyer Guide (sent electronically or printed), or send them a Pre-Marketing Guide or a Market Value Analysis—programs you offer that dramatically differentiate yourself and your team from the rest. Every question leads to the next step in the process. If you are trying to find out where they are in the home-buying or -selling process, ask them. The more questions you ask, the closer you are to providing solutions to their problem, and in adding tremendous value, you will be providing solutions to help them achieve their real estate goals.

Ask more questions. Tell them you will be asking them a lot of questions so you can more effectively accomplish their goals. Building rapport is great, but the agent who asks more leading questions will get that buyer or potential listing to act. During this time, you need to convert that qualified lead into an appointment on your calendar.

  1. Overcome Sellers’ Objections to List
    If a potential seller is talking to you about selling their home, but is down on the market or has a negative perception of the market, it is our job to change that perception and overcome their objections. Don’t give up the first time they say they don’t want to sell now, or when they say they want to wait until the spring market. Their best opportunities might be right now, and they need to hear with conviction and enthusiasm that now is a good time to list—not waiting.

Remember: Opportunities aren’t lost; they go to someone else. Ever have the situation where an agent in your office lists a house for a seller that you spoke to—one that said they weren’t going to list now? Disappointing, for sure—but what exactly happened? You need to have a strategy to overcome a seller’s momentary and temporary decision (that day) to wait. Call them back to check in to see if they are still not ready, but don’t take what they said for face value. Remember, that other agent did a better job of talking up the market and overcoming the seller’s objection to sell—hence the listing and the sign in the yard.

Top salespeople have a strategy. They know what they want the end result to be, and ask really good leading questions that take a lead into the decision and action mode where now the agent can provide value and solutions to solve their objective. Adding value gets your hired every time. Make sure you are asking questions that lead your prospect to the next step in the sales process. By implementing these approaches, you will be better equipped with a sales strategy for each lead, and be in a better position to add value and convert the lead into a listing, sale and actual income. Start now, be out in front of everyone and build your best year ever. In December, you will thank me.

Happy selling! 

For a copy of my exclusive “10-Minute Business Plan for Success” and webinar, “Building a $10 Million Pipeline of Leads,” email

Sherri Johnson is CEO and founder of Sherri Johnson Coaching & Consulting. With 20 years of experience in real estate, Johnson offers coaching, consulting and keynotes, and is a national speaker for the Secrets of Top Selling Agents tour. For more information, please contact or 844-989-2600 (toll-free) or visit  

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