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Getting Your Clients’ Homes Ready for the Fall

No matter when a homeowner lists their home, some principles of staging hold true. Overall, homes will benefit from having neutral interior wall colors, rather than vibrant or bold colors. Keeping the listing clean is always a must, as well as decluttering, and keeping it odor-free.

However, once these basic staging needs are taken care of, you can go a step further with your clients and help them add some seasonal personalization and maintenance to make their home stand out even more to prospective buyers.

When your clients see you as a partner who’s got their backs, they’ll trust you and refer others to you, as well. Seasonal content, such as this infographic on getting your home ready for fall, is a great way to build trust and keep in touch with your sphere. Find the infographic below, and if you want to take it a step further share through email this personalized Fall Checklist with your clients so you stay top-of-mind this season, click here to download!


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